Monday, January 3, 2011

Standing Still

I feel like we are standing still. I hate waiting. I'm not one for taking a big break from things and waiting round, I'm the type of person that needs to be doing something productive.infertility involves a lot of waiting, alot of standing still. Waiting for appointments when your doctor is booked up months in advance, waiting for your new treatment cycle to start, waiting for results. Waiting is not something I'm fond of nor good at.

I know that the 17th Jan isn't so far away, but I'm ready now! We will have to wait till February's cycle to start IVF as my period is due only a few days after our Doctors appt, it wont give us enough time to sort out the Bank Loan and anything else that needs to be done prior. So I'm just going to have to wait till February. I know some people will be thinking, just enjoy being drug free till then,relax, but if you have been waiting as long as me to become pregnant you will know that means nothing, I cant enjoy being drug free as I don't want to be drug free. As weird as that sounds, I want to be drugged up to my eyeballs. then at least I'm not standing still and we are moving forward and closer to getting a positive.

I'm going to get some books out of the library and start doing some reading, I want to know what I can do to prepare my body for IVF, any way I can help ill do it. We have a wedding to attend this weekend, so that will be my last time I will drink, and from then will also stop drinking coffee again. My question to any lady's that have done IVF, what preparation did you do? Did you start straight away or are there more tests needed prior to your day one?

Oh well, waiting it will have to be. As they say "Good things come to those that wait"


  1. There is not much you can do for IVF prep. I stop drinking when I starts meds and stop the caffeine a few weeks prior. I have also done acupuncture, which you can start in advance to enhance egg quality. My jury is still out on acu, but it does feel good and relaxing to me.
    I want to wish you the very best of luck with this cycle. Here to hold your hand along the way.

  2. I stopped coffee and switched to decaf. Once I started Lupron I stopped alcohol and didn't have a drop until after my m/c which felt really weird. I also stopped running when I started atoms but kept walking since exercise helps me stay sane. I did acupuncture and hypnotherapy, which I love, it definitely helped, IMO. I hear that the Circle and Bloom series is good.
    If AF doesn't show in the next couple of weeks we might be on the same IVF schedule. So exciting!!!
    Happy New Year! I hate the time is standing still feeling but this is a great opportunity to be very, very good to yourself!

  3. thanks ladies. Will be nice to start ivf with someone else. that will be exciting.I do walk alot as I dont drive so that's my exercise. I would like to do accupuncture, but at the moment we really cant afford anything else. so will just have to find some free relaxation.

  4. I did acupuncture,cut out caffeine and alcohol and the biggest thing I did which was a little out of the ordinary for me was to drink 3 litres of water a day(recommended by the counsellor as she said it hydrates your ovaries)
    Also on the self-hypnosis/relaxation, I just downloaded one off a website recommended by a friend to help me get in a positive frame of mind for our FET,I reckon it would have been good to listen to from the start of our cycle if I had known about it.
    Will be sending heaps of positive vibes your way, and I totally know how you feel about having to wait all the time, it sucks!I should be doing FET around the same time as your cycle so we can watch time tick by slowly together!

  5. Ants - would love to know what website your friend recommended as I'd love to start doing some meditation! Could definitely use some help refocusing my thoughts these days as I feel like all I think about is TTC (I hope to start another IVF next month)!

    CLewis - I did the same as the other ladies (1 cup of caffeinated tea in the AM, no alcohol, cut out high impact exercise). Additionally, I switched to herbal teas (naturally decaf) with high antioxidants. I've also started eating organic when I can and have switched to filtered water. I read that decreasing exposure to environmental toxins may help for those of us having trouble TTC.

  6. When I started IVF, I didn't do anything dramatic. Just the basics like no coffee, no alcohol, take your vitamins & folic acid. I will probably be starting my next IVF cycle at about the same time as you. I started IVF injections on day 21. Fingers and toes are crossed for you!

  7. Same things as above - eliminated alcohol, went to decaf coffee and eventually no coffee, eliminated stressful exercise. You're going to do great! I'm with you though, I hate just sitting here waiting...