Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The start of my journey to becoming a junkie

How do junkie's carry around all their needles etc.Its very inconvenient i think. Its a bit tricky for me to go out for dinner or anything like that and ask the restaurant staff to chill my drugs alongside the fish of the day. So guess we wont be going far from the fridge.

As the picture shows, this is just a minuscule amount of the drugs, but in saying that, it's about $900 worth!!! Its so important not to screw it up when we load the puregon pen, we don't want to be spilling any!

Me and Gardener Guy sat down last night and watched the IVF dvd provided from the clinic. It was really long, and I though hubby might get sick of it, but he was really into it, and rightly so, the whole process is so amazing. Was really good to see the stages step by step. It was also quite sad, at one point I though i was going to cry. I thought this was me being a bit dramatic, but once it had ended my Gardener Guy said he almost cried too!!! so it does affect us both, as much as sometimes us lady's think that the men aren't overly emotional, I guess they are, in their own way.I also found that alot of the emotions the couples were talking about, were all the emotions I felt. It really brought the whole thing to life, and made me realise how huge this really is, and to try be a bit more kind on myself and not so harsh, I need to stop thinking I'm mental and being a baby, because it's so much to cope with, I'm suppose to be scared and crazy.

Today i feel really good, Just woke up feeling good that we are going ahead. I'm enjoying these last few drug free days, as i know that next week wont be so pleasant. But I'm prepared for that, and if I need extra days of work because I don't feel well I guess ill have too. For all you IVF lady's, Did you take any days off work after the egg retrieval? the transfer? We have been advised to take one off after the retrieval and possibly one after the transfer. 

I'm going to try really hard to drink lots of water as advised and sleep as much as possible. Apparently the more you rest and sleep, the better the eggs grow. 

So that's all really for now, next week ill be a full blown junkie, shooting up....except I wont be getting an amazing high, more a shitty low.But potentially the biggest high of my life in just over 4 weeks!!


  1. Isn't it crazy to look at all those meds? Yes, it does look like a junkie! I love that you had a good DVD to watch - I wish I did! And that Gardener Guy got emotional watching it - love this! When I did IF, I took the day of the egg retrieval off, but by the next day I was fine. And I took three days off for the transfer - the day of, and I was on bedrest for the following two days.

    Definitely water and sleep are your friends. Good luck!

  2. I've been thinking about how much we'll be eating at home during this process too since the shots have to be so precise... guess that could be a good thing! Where did you order meds from? That's next for us. I plan to take the day off for the retrieval and 2-3 for the transfer. Good luck to you!

  3. ok, thanks. sounds like i should take 2 days off after transfer and just rest.in hope the embryo sticks around!!! I didnt order my drugs. the clinic just gave them too me. Im in New Zealand so may be a different situation to you.

  4. Hey there! I am taking the day of retrieval and the day after off work. Then, my RE wants me on bedrest for 4 days after ET. Basically, I think it'll be a week and a half by the time its all said and done...didn't think it would be that much, but with the weekends that's just kinda how it fell! Good luck with starting everything! It's intimidating, but you'll figure it out pretty quick!