Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fingers Crossed for success. Cycle Day 1. IVF

I have my fingers crossed for a hiccup free cycle and a successful ending! Please please please let this work.

So Cycle day 1 has finally arrived, and yes it is late, 3 days late. How very convenient, when I want my period to come, it decides to play a little trick on me, "ill come 3 days late, that might be funny" . No it's not. But anyhow its here. 

My day started with going to bank a cheque to fund this god damn thing, And this ended up being a 20 minute wait to get it sorted, all the while I have 2 very impatient children, a cramping stomach, and to top that off I started to get leakage (if you get my drift), I was starting to get a bit fidgety as i imagined the whole bank being covered in a sea of my blood. Get me out of here! Also the teller asks me "are you using all this money for anything fun"? And I ever so casually say "IVF" and then i get it, the "ahhhhhhhhh......... that's so special" and i even got a congratulations! what the heck are you congratulating me on? being infertile? "oh thanks, I'm quite proud I'm infertile, now shut up and give me my money"!. Now would you believe it but she then proceeds to bring over another colleague and tells her, I'm then getting congratulations all round. Also just to twist the knife in deeper, the colleague looks down at the 2 boys I look after and says " but you already have 2" So then AGAIN, I have to say they aren't mine. So that was that lovely trip to the bank. Money sorted, exit fast.

Just to make my day more annoying, I ran over a lady's foot in the library with my buggy. oops.! that wasn't taken too kindly. By this stage I was ready to go home and wait for a call back from the clinic.I finally got a call back and all my instructions. I'm to start 150units of Puregon tomorrow night, (we are going for 8pm), and keep going on that right till the trigger injection (for non infertile people, basically keep injecting myself till egg collection so a couple weeks), then to also start Orgalutron on Sunday the 30th in the morning (we are doing that at 7am). I also have my first scan date of Tuesday 1 Feb, So that's a biggie to see how many follicles I am growing. fingers crossed for lots. My Gardener guy is to go back in to collect more Puregon tomorrow, so we will be fully stocked till the scan date. So now really it's just all about me taking the drugs, getting lots of rest, and extra sleep to help those eggs grow and hoping I don't feel to bad.

Am feeling excited to start, but also scared of the effect's the drugs will have on me! Eak... And at this point I'm not even going to allow myself to start thinking about the outcome, it's too much to take on board yet.

Thanks again for all the comments and support, from both blogger's and my friends and family. It would have been a lot worse had I not had you all around me.I hope you continue to follow my journey and keep all your fingers crossed too.


  1. Good luck. I will be following closely!!!

  2. Aaaahhhhh best of luck luv, but you won't need luck. You are strong and a fighter and will get through it all bouncing and full of smiles. Will be with you all the way xo

  3. Wishing you the best..I'm sure you will be fine...Will be following closely.

  4. Best of luck with this ivf cycle!!!
    I have also gotten congratulations when telling people that I am doing ivf. I think they are under the assumption that ivf = baby and fail to see the many steps that have go in between and perhaps the many bfn's that come before you get to ivf. Clearly the world needs a lot of education. I am on a mission to correct those ill informed people!!!
    keep us posted on how things are progressing!!

  5. I have everything crossed for you! Ugh about the bank ladies - sorry you had to go through that!

  6. Wishing you so much luck! I will have my fingers and toes crossed for you!