Thursday, January 27, 2011

....................Sorry think I just feel asleep.

Cycle day 3 is upon me. Day 2 of Puregon. I'm so tired. Woke up 25 minutes late this morning so had to rush round to get ready in time, and then had a nap on the couch at 9am! for goodness sake nana.

I am feeling good though, Have a niggling headache, but that's ok, I pretty much had a headache the whole 5 days I was on Clomiphene so that's bearable.

Last night's Injection session went well, My Gardener guy was so gentle.  I Didn't really feel the needle go in, was more just like a bee sting for a few minutes after. I had my usual freak out, saying I was scared and couldn't do it, but of course it was fine, ill probably say the same thing again tonight, and then it will probably be a walk in the park. What a baby I am!

I got to thinking, while I was out walking today, of what i want from this cycle. Well obviously a baby, but what i would be happy with or disappointed with throughout the cycle. I think I would be really happy with 10 plus eggs at retrieval, really anything above 10 would be a bonus. I think if i get below 10, I would really be worried that there weren't enough to go on and fertilize and then split normally. On Embryo transfer day I would be happy with the obvious 1 to transfer and 2 or 3 to freeze. If I only had 1 to freeze, I'd then be worried that, that was it. only 2 chances, the fresh and the frozen. We cant afford to do another full IVF cycle and we don't qualify for funding till Aug 2012 so this is our only shot. I need those frozen embryos as back up's. If you have already had an IVF cycle, I would be really interested to know how many eggs you retrieved and then how many embryos you were left with?

I also started thinking about how I'm actually going to feel if this fails, and I know I said I wouldn't let myself go there yet, but it's hard not to. I try not too though, as it upsets and stresses me out.After 3 major IUI dissapointments and almost 2 years of trying, it's enough for me. I don't want to start ranting on again because i just make myself mad, and I'm probably just repeating myself again, but its just not fair!!! (angry face), I'm only 29 years old, it's not like I'm 50, so what the hell is going on!

Well maybe I should just go and have another nap. But lets hope I stay awake long enough to actually get through this cycle, although being asleep through the whole thing wouldn't be so bad now would it.


  1. Hope u r going ok. Try not to look at the negatives.. As hard as that would be. I wish you all the best and am here to read and support you. Big sleepy hugs xo

    I also gave you an award on my blog xoxo Its on the 2nd most recent blog!

  2. Hugs! just take each day as it comes, although I know that's easier said than done.
    I had 20 eggs retrieved and we got 2 embryos from those, BUT we have sperm issues- and it can vary so so much between each person though so don't get too hung up on other people's numbers.

    IVF is a huge thing to go through and you're doing so well, just keep your chin up and as Tee said we're here for you! xxx

  3. thanks girls. appreciate that. And thanks so much for awards. I see im meant to do the same? write 7 things about myself and award new bloggers too. will try get onto the in tomorrow's post. really really appreciate all your support.

  4. thanks for your comments!! I had only 7 eggs on my first ivf cycle and only 5 that were mature. from that 4 fertilised and we transferred one and froze two. Sometimes you think that you need more but really it is quality over quantity. In saying that I am really hoping for at least 12 eggs this time. But at the end of the day all we really need is one that will stick!!

  5. Hi Clewis,

    I found your blog this morning and have been reading and reading.

    You are so brave and really give me hope and inspiration!!! Keep positive and believe, I will keep you in my prayers.

    I have not yet reach the point where you and most of your friends are ... I am still in the begining stages and find alot of strenth in your life.

    Thank you so much for sharing as you do not realise how much it could affect a stranger like me.

    Keeping all my fingers crossed ....

  6. No, it's not fair. I still don't get why some of us can multiply like rabbits and the rest of us have to go through all these procedures. I stimulated really well, had 29 eggs, 24 fertilized, 11 made it to day 5, used 2 and 9 were frozen. The fresh cycle didn't work, but having those frozen embryos waiting for me gives me some peace of mind... I think your hopes for your cycle are very normal and reasonable - I was definitely overstimulated. I hope you get lots of embryos to freeze and I especially hope that this cycle WORKS!!!