Thursday, January 13, 2011

Money talks

Money really does talk. Isn't that a shame though, but it really does. If you have the money you have more power and can make more decisions. That is life.

As discussed previously we were going to get a bank loan to fund IVF, which would have meant a hefty interest rate, and having to wait till February to start IVF due to money. I can now say with so much delight (and I really hope they don't mind me writing about them) that my In Law's are giving us a loan. This is an amazing thing for us, we can pay them back instead of a bank, and not have all that extra interest added on. this also means we can go into our Monday appointment knowing we have the money and can start in January!! yah yah yah!!! My period id due on Saturday the 22nd, so we can start when it arrives.

My Mother and Father In Law are not over the top wealthy people, they are just 2 of the most kind hearted, selfless people I have met. Through out this whole journey their support has been immense (even though they are on the other side of the world). They treat me not as their Daughter In Law, but as their Daughter. When there is so so much stress involved with all this, relieving the money stress is huge, it's really the last thing one wants to be focused on during this, but unfortunately because it is so expensive it does worry me.

This Blog post is really for them, so they can read and know how truly thankful I am. I can never thank them enough, Not just for the financial support, but really for not batting an eye lid over any of this, making me feel calm and reassuring me that it will all be ok. My mother In Law has spoken to me almost every day via facebook, she has waited nervously for news of our treatments, and each time it has broken my heart to tell her the sad news, but regardless she is always there, coming back, not giving up, believing that me and Gardener Guy are strong enough to carry on. I am so lucky that they are My In Laws, so very lucky. I love them dearly.
I can see where their son gets his sweet, kind, caring manner from, I now hope our own children can learn those great values that he got from his parents.

So yes Money does talk, and we will let it do the talking for us in our Monday appointment, but really money means nothing unless you have your family, one which I hope will be expanding very soon. And one last thought "this baby or babies better be damn cute!!! - this is a bloody expensive child".


  1. That is SO nice... takes a little of the stress away to know you don't have to go through a bank/interest. Sounds like your in-laws will be a great support system & (fingers crossed) grandparents:]

  2. That is awesome! You are very lucky that they are willing and able to do that for you! Best of luck on Monday!

  3. They have definately invested in their grandkids! That is just amazing, hope we can all be great inlaws ourselves one day, and at least we will be able to provide 100% support if they experience IF. Huge best wishes for Monday, and thank you for your support on my blog...xo I have my appt tues and am very nervous/excited...

  4. Just amazing. Your in laws sound just great and so generous.
    we also borrowed money from my parents recently for the very same reason. They are not wealthy but do have savings and were happy to help. It took so much pressure off, although made it harder on me just a bit when the BFN eventually came.
    You are right about the expensive child, my husband jokes that our kid is going to need to get a job by age 3 to start paying us back (clearly a joke, but this stuff is serious money).
    good luck to you!!!!!!

  5. you are very lucky!!! And congrats on starting your IVf so soon!! Soon you will be in the Mommy club!!

  6. This is so lovely - you are very lucky to have such an amazing family!

  7. That's amazing!
    I wish you the very best of luck with the IVF and everything!