Sunday, January 30, 2011

Injection, oily arms and a weird pizza.

My morning consisted of an Injection at the clinic, A manicure which some how turned into a whole arm oil massage and a strange lamb shank pizza called a shawshank.

I went into the clinic this morning for my first Oragalutron injection, the nurse told me just to put it in my stomach and wait for 20 minutes, I gave her a blank stare and said "I'm not doing it myself, my husband has been doing them for me" so she had to do it for me, and very roughly I must say! not like my loving gentle husband. So i sat there and was fine to leave and start them ourselves every morning. So now we will do those at 7am and continue the Puregon at 8pm. Oh Joy! have noticed that my stomach is now starting to bruise a bit, guess that is to be expected after all the jabbing. After the clinic I went and got my eyebrows done and a manicure with a voucher I had sitting at home for ages, I went with a friend of mine, so it was a really nice relaxing thing to do. This is where the oily arms come in, for some reason both me and my friend got greased up with this supposedly relaxing massage oil, if you ask me it made us more tense than when we went it, as we were slipping all over the show.! We then went and had lunch which brings in the weird pizza, we or should I say I, thought a pizza called a shawshank was a good idea, which basically was just a roast lamb shank dinner on a pizza. very weird. But a really nice afternoon and definitely afternoons like that is what I need when going through all this.

When I got on the train to head home, i could defiantly feel that I was fading, being out all day had taken it out of me and I was really ready to get home and lie down. I'm just so worn out and drained! Last night again wasn't feeling too flash after the injection, a bit sickly again and yuck in general. but all in all I'm doing pretty good, its only cycle day 6 so Ive got a long way to go, but if i have more nice days like today where I get to see my closest friends and have a chat to them about it all, I will most definitely be ok. So more days like today, Minus the oil though please.


  1. Hi... love your blog and am in the process of starting my first IVF cycle too :) Looking forward to sharing the journey with you :)) xo

  2. Hi... we started Day 1 on 8th Jan.. then the pill on 12th Jan (ironic!!) but don't start Lucrin injections until 10th Feb because we decided with our fertility specialist to delay all the uncomfortable bits and procedures until after the anniversary of our stillbirth. Looks as though ER/ET won't happen until early March... finding it difficult to wait though :(
    How about you ? xo

  3. Yeah... sounds like different drugs. I never realised how complex IVF is and how many different ways to do it :) All the best with yours and thinking of you (and all the others out there) as you go through your cycle :) xo

  4. So funny about the oil massage! Something that sounds like a good idea, but perhaps isn't... You're progressing right along with the IVF - wonderful!

  5. greasy arms and lamb pizza..not so appealing. I hope you and your friend had a good laugh. strange stuff!!!