Thursday, January 6, 2011

IVF for dummies

I think this book "IVF for Dummies" should be called "IVF for Genius's and you still wont understand it all"

Yesterday I got this very book out from the library, it's certainly alot to comprehend. There is just so so much information, so many things that can go wrong with each stage in IVF. At the end of the book i think i was left feeling more freaked out then I was to begin with. IVF is just so full on. I'm sure once I get the hang of the schedule for the month ill be fine. I was like this with IUI, I thought I was going to get something wrong, or get the day 1 wrong, but of course it was fine. This book also had alot of informative information too, I really like to go into an appointment and understand what the doctor is talking about.I also like to bombard my Gardener Guy with all this information, every time I come across some new interesting fact ill trot out to the garden (where of course he is) and tell him. 

The last few days have been busy, I have been back into work, and actually feeling good so far. Last night We had my two cousin's over, It was really lovely to have 2 little people sleep over, It was lovely to put them to bed and do all the thing's that make you feel like a parent. When their actual parents came to collect them out of bed at about 10.30pm I was left with a sense of emptiness. It was nice knowing that in the other room there were 2 little people sleeping, nice to know we had a full house.I know their parents will happily let them come and stay whenever and I'm really grateful for that, it's nice that the kids are so happy and comfortable to come to our house. I'm sure soon we will have children sleeping in the other room that will never go home.

So what have I learnt over the last few days? Reading too much clogs my mind, better to just go with it. Having special children around is great, but still leaves me feeling sad, but that's ok to feel like that.  And really il'd rather be reading IVF for Dummies than IVF for Experts, because the day I become an expert at IVF is probably the day for me to stop and look into other options. Let's hope where IVF is concerned I stay a Dummy!


  1. I had my IVF consult with my doctor today and I feel the same way - overwhelmed by the amount of information!

  2. I found the best source of information were the specialist and the nurses themselves, and also if you have a fertility counsellor at your clinic, I would highly recommend going for a session!We got one session as part of our funded treatment and I'm so glad we went-I would have happily paid for a session too in hindsight as she really helped us understand a few things about what to expect in simple terms.
    The booklets and things just confused me as well, and also scared me!

  3. beautifully said! Bittersweetness:(
    I had no idea there was an IVF for dummy book! lol I actually joked about it with my hubby!! yeah it can be really overwhelming in the beginning..well..the overwhelming is still here for me but not as intense.

  4. I know sometimes I rather not know everything, just tell me the bits that relate to me, otherwise it just does your head in.
    It lovely you have a special relationship with your cousins, I find myself this is where I get more strenght from. I just know from my interaction with my special little friends that I will be a great mother & it gives me hope.
    Wishing you the best with your first cycle.

  5. Love your post...thanks for stopping by my blog... yep we're on a break until sometime this spring. Not sure when exactly yet...

  6. I actually work for the company that does these books. lol!

    Unfortunately IVF is overwhelming no matter how you look at it.

  7. IVF can be very scary and overwhelming if you get into the details! I suggest just taking it step by step, focusing on the parts you control, like shots and appointments, and let the docs and nurses do everything else.

    So excited for you to do IVF - really hoping it works for you!