Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chicken is like the devil

Chicken is not my friend anymore, simple as that. They cant be trusted, the way they peck around sticking out their creepy little necks, their beady eyes, and that suspicious clucking noise. Chickens are evil.

This evening we had our first acupuncture appointment. We arrived to soothing music, and in we went. We had a consult, the practitioner asked us questions about our conceiving history, our general health and our fertility treatments. After he got all his information we went through to have the acupuncture, I hopped up on the bed on my back and my gardener guy sat on a chair next to me. I had needles in both big toes, in my ankles, 4 in my lower stomach area and 3 in my left ear. I was kindly asked to lower my pants so he could insert the needles, this is when I said to him "its fine, I'm not shy, if you want me to pull them further down it's ok", I think he just didn't want to embarrass me or make me feel uncomfortable, Yeah right, not possible after all I have been through, my vagina is a free for all area! He then got some strange Chinese herbs that were rolled up in a cigar type thing, he lit it and started waving it over my vaginal area, where the needles were. When he brought it in, I was thinking 'am I meant to smoke this'?....... It felt really nice and warm being waved over my toxic vagina. I left with a bottle of Chinese herbal medicine, 2 tablets twice a day, so there you go, more medicine. I am now booked in for a session once a week. We are both feeling really good about it, apparently there had been success stories come out of his clinic, so I really hope we become one of those.

Now back to the chicken issue, listen up if your having problems conceiving. We were told to keep up with our healthy eating, but the main thing is, stay away from chicken!! a big no no. Chicken's have been pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, so we are not to eat it. Only organic chicken and organic eggs. Luckily we have a butcher very close who has great organic chicken. So there goes any McDonald's chicken burgers, any chicken takeaways, chicken sandwiches, having breakfast out because of the eggs. But hey, it's all manageable. 

I would say tonight was a success, we are feeling good about this approach, we always hope this will be an amazing cure and work, and bring us our baby,it feels good to have someone different help us, of course we still have to help ourselves, sex is obviously important, we need to have it! with the whole IVF, sex didn't even need to happen, so I better get out some fancy panties and get gardener guy in the mood again.

Next time you eat a juicy chicken burger, a crispy roast chicken, fried chicken nuggets or even just a chicken sandwich, think about what this crappy bird may be doing to your reproductive system, and instead reach for a nice tasty cow. When I was little, I always had a strange love of cows, i never cared for chickens, so there you for thought.


  1. You are too frikkin funny! Good advice about the chicken! I've been eating a lot of it trying to up my protein intake in order to put on a little weight!

    I had the exact same experience with acupuncture (the pulling down of the pants and the stuff they light on fire near your vagina.) Pretty interesting.....

  2. wow... sounds like the acupuncture was interesting for sure! Ack! I didn't know that about chicken... geez, about all I eat is chicken! Guess it's back to tuna salads for me!

  3. I am so happy to hear you have new energy. Acupuncture is a great start, I just think it gives us mental strength and forces you to relax, and something to believe in.. My gyno recommended I do it when I first sought help.

    Best wishes and I hope your visit to Mr Miyage works miracles!

    That chicken pic freaked me out!!

  4. Milk and beef is another one. Most meats and dairy that comes from the cow have a lot of hormones in them now unless other wise specified. It's so hard to find good organic food around here. So I just try to limit the meat I'm eating from the store and hardly ever eat meat when we go out to eat.

  5. Great to hear your appt went well... acupuncture/TCM is fantastic and gets great results :)) Know what you mean about sex losing it's importance/appeal during IVF - it's easy to forget that that is the "old fashioned" and best way to conceive a bub :) Happy conceiving xoxo

  6. OMG...I did not know that they put needles in your whooo haaaa!! I guess what ever works...huh?? Your posts crack me up sometimes!!

  7. Sounds like the acupuncture went well. I have been before and there were never any smoking herbs, but whatever works, right?

    When I found out I have PCOS and that it was related to my hormones I switched to all organic meats and dairy. It's hard to do all the time, but I feel what we put into our bodies makes a big difference about our general well-being.

    I totally understand about infertility treatments putting a downer on your sex life. It is too bad that we forget all about the necessity of some good old fashioned lovin'.

  8. So bizarre about the chicken thing. Crazy! I've been trying to eat mostly organic meats, but will definitely work on this more.

    Wonderful that acupuncture went so well! Good luck with the fancy panties!

  9. omg!!! I am cracking up at work!! No chicken?!!! No way!!! No I don't know Clewis, I just don't know if I can do it! You tell me how it goes for you. Organic is so darn expensive too!! Oh, Organic sounds fun! really...I want to do it,. but husband has an appointment tomorrow. Can't wait to hear about his experience!