Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cluck Cluck Cluck.

I'm Mrs mother hen carrying my precious eggs, (not a chicken as I said in my last post, hen's lay eggs, yes that's right), clearly I'm not so clever with the farm animals. I'm bursting at the seams, There is no other way to describe it except I'm a big fat hen. I really hope all my eggs have continued to grow nicely and we get another real positive scan tomorrow. fingers crossed or should I say wings crossed.

I feel shit today, I'm fed up, I feel so grumpy and have a very short fuse, Just feel disgusting and fat with all my disgusting bruises and needle holes in my stomach. I just want to go to bed and watch tv. I have also started to get cramps in my stomach, similar to menstrual pains.... Now why is it that all the bad womanly things being with MEN?? MENstrual pains, MENopause, there's a reason behind that, perhaps it's just all the man's fault. Perhaps a man invented menstrual pains and menopause, so he decided to put his "Men" stamp on them. Bastards. Enough said.

So cycle day 9, here we are. Today was made a bit better when one of the little boys I look after, came and gave me a hug, when i was sitting on the floor looking distressed. Moment's like that is what will make this all worth while, when one of my little eggs does something sweet like that.


  1. oh that is so sweet! Kids can sense when we are distressed or sad. So tender..:) That sucks you are feeling crampy!! Torture!!! What a women will do for a child!! It is worth it!! Okay...just think of what you are working towards. have every right to be pissed at men!!! why do us women have to deal with all this crap! right!!?

  2. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well... your little eggs are all getting ready - great news :) Wish men had to share in all this pain sometimes xo

  3. This time of the cycle sucks - there's no question of that. Sorry you're not feeling great right now. It will all be worth it...