Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Perfect Eggs

Today was my first scan. I have perfect eggs. Or should I say follicles. (For non in fertile people, your eggs are inside your follicles). So.....Anyhow we got great news today. Really??? I never get great news, so imagine my surprise that something actually was going well! We got 9 follicles! And all are at the perfect size for this stage in the game, and all are of similar size, which is good that they aren't all over the place and there aren't some giant ones and some rubbish small ones. They are all around 13mm. Which the nurse said was great. She even said that we couldn't have asked for a better result! can you believe it. It just feels good to get some positive feedback. Long may it last. Lets hope most of those 9 mature and fertilize and keep growing correctly!

The scan was scheduled for this morning at 8.30am, but last night i get a call from the doctor saying he cant make it and had to reschedule for 11.20am, so I had to reshuffle all my work and just ended up taking the day off. Initially My Gardener Guy wasn't going to come, as he will be having more time off for the egg retrieval/transfer days, but then he decided he really wanted to come. We picked up some more drugs to keep us going and off we went quite pleased with ourselves.

After the appointment i decided to treat myself to 2 new bras, well it wasn't really a treat, more a necessity, as my poor boobs were getting crushed to death in my C Cup bras, I now need a D! holy mother of god, the jugs are out of control. I'm undecided if I like this or if it's just grose, but I can tell you my husband definitely doesn't think this is grose! "Ive got a wife with a D Cup, Awesome".  They have really blossomed since Ive been on all these drugs, I blame the Clomiphene I was on for my IUI's, since then they have just got bigger and bigger.

Although I am pleased about today's appointment, I'm under no illusion that everything is all peachy, I know things can all still go horribly wrong, there's still so many steps to go. I'm still hoping for 1 embryo to transfer and 2 to freeze. anything above that would be amazing. It's just so damn hard, there are so many stressful steps to go through, any day could bring things tumbling down. Any phone call from the clinic could be bad news, speaking of phone call's, I had to call the clinic to chase them up on my next scan, they are down a nurse so think they are a bit less efficient, anyhow next scan is Thursday 3rd, and very likely that egg retrieval will be in the weekend! Yah. Again a different nurse I spoke to made a comment that "wow you had a really great scan result today"! we are so glad, the 3 nurse's we spoke with today have all said that, so we are very pleased. So not long to go now till egg retrieval, I must say I'm a bit nervy about that, but I'm actually quite a fan of the sleepy feeling you get with anesthetic, so bring on that.And the fact that I'm starting to feel like a fat chicken who desperately needs to lay some eggs! I can feel them and they are starting to get a bit uncomfortable.

I  really hope my eggs become perfect poached eggs shall we say,and not a bunch of rotten hard boiled eggs. No one wants the over cooked eggs, not even sperm I imagine.So go eggs go. Go sperm go.


  1. That's great news! Well done! I had ov pain today that actually hurt and here you are with 11 in there!!! Ouch! Best of luck thursday!!

  2. That's an awesome result for your scan!great amount of eggs in there,you're off to such a good start and I'm sure the rest of the cycle will continue on just as well, wow the weekend isn't too far away-exciting!

  3. Fantastic news... what a relief :) Sounds like things are going really well :)) Can't wait until my first scan... counting the days now xo

  4. Great news! I love your comment about feeling like a chicken ready to lay some eggs, it really made me laugh.

  5. Great news!!! Keep us posted.

  6. 9 follies - what wonderful news!

  7. go sperm go! Go eggs go! Congrats little chicken!! lol
    I am really appreciating this...I have so much fun to look forward to! Big boobs..yayaayaya!! lol

    well..I am so glad things are going so well. keep positive...and use those D cups to your advantage!