Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weird Science

Why is it that scientist's are always a bid odd? I know it's a bit of a stereotype, but really it's true.

This morning I rang the lab as I couldn't wait any longer to find out how our remaining two embryos were doing. First of all, the embryologist's in there are damn weird! they certainly don't have the kind caring people skills that the nurses do, but then i guess they are staring at embryo's all day, so they don't get much chance to brush up on their conversation skills." Hi embryo A have you met embryo B and C, they are looking good, perhaps we should all go out for a drink soon, just don't invite embryo D, he's a bit deformed and we don't know if he will make it through the night", anyhow, so I rang and spoke to one of the embryologist and they were going to find my file and ring me back. I tell you, this is all very confusing when all the embryologist's seem to all have the same weird accent, so my guy rings me back and I'm thinking, hold on, didn't i just talk to you earlier,, see they trick you, that was the other weird guy with the same accent.After all the deciphering of  who the hell I was talking too I got my answers. So far both embryos are developing, one is almost at the blastocyst stage (thats when it can be frozen), the other isn't far behind, he pointed out that he still cant say yet whether they can be frozen as who knows what will happen over night, but at least they haven't stopped growing, they are heading in the right direction. Yah for that!  

Other thing's that have been happening, well lots of talk about having a baby, mostly by my Gardener Guy, he gets excited, talks about our own children all the time, and what he would do, he even suggested building a cot himself,that is where I drew the line, outside tables that's fine, cots, no. I told him he could make a change table instead, so that kept him happy. I tend to not get too carried away about baby talk as I'm too fragile, and ill save that for when I get my positive result. Then there really will be no stopping me!

That's all for today, cant wait for the results tomorrow, I'm sure they are being very careful in the lab, and not creating some kind of super human embryos, that come out with ten arms or anything like that. Ill stop taking the piss out of the scientists now, after all, we can all be a bit weird sometimes cant we?, but of course I'm not, I like to think, I'm not weird, I'm limited edition.


  1. Great to hear they're growing well... I always think that as long as a scientist does their job well, I wouldn't mind how weird they are :)) xo

  2. hehe yes I don't know that I would be keen on my hubby building a cot either!Change table sounds like a good project though!Fingers crossed your other embies will be lovely blasts ready to freeze tomorrow!By the way you aren't with FAH clinic are you? xo

  3. Congrats on them doing well!!! Hope they make it to freeze