Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our little 3.

So over night our 7 eggs and Gardener Guys sperm were left to do there thing. We got a call from the embryologist this morning and out of the 7 eggs, 5 were mature, which means 2 were too small, so they were out. Out of the 5 mature eggs, 3 fertilized. So I guess it wasn't exactly Romeo meets Juliet type of magic last night, but it was definitely something. The scientist said the 2 mature eggs that haven't been fertilized by hubby's sperm,still have a chance, they may just be lagging behind. He also seemed quite pleased with the result, and we did expect something like this. I now hope the embryologist is keeping them warm and comfy, do they need a pair socks to put on? Keep them cosy please.

Our hope now is that the 3 fertilized eggs, keep going strong and are splitting into cells nicely, and perhaps the other 2 might get fertilized over night. The scientist will ring us again tomorrow to tell us how they are progressing. It's so stressful really, you go from 9 follicles to 7 eggs retrieved to 5 mature eggs to 3 fertilized eggs! the numbers drop so quickly!

Me and My Gardener Guy have been discussing it all alot today, what do we do if we only get 1 and we transfer that and it fails? how do we pay for ivf again? We will be over the moon to get even 1 frozen embryo.It seems to becoming more of a reality now though, as we had coffee out today, Gardener Guy said "it's like we have got triplets waiting in the lab" he kind of feels like we have got 3 little Gardener Guys fighting to survive. If they have half as much spirit and get up and go as him they will grow into a 30yr old adult in the petri dish!

More waiting, till tomorrow results, I would love to hear other Lady's numbers, eg: amount retrieved, mature and fertilized and embryos left. Give me a bit of hope. I am still very confident and still think that this is really going to work, I have to think that. what other choice do I have?

Just to throw in something yuck, I'm still bleeding, I have left a message with the nurse, but really I don't think it's anything to worry about, and I'm using the pessaries 3 times a day, how weird are they!! Little balls that you stick in your vag = extremely creepy. But once you push them in there, they just kind of magically disappear. 

Till tomorrow we wait. Everyone is putting out lots of good vibes which we really appreciate. Prayers, Spiritual blessings, Ancient rituals and any other kooky fertility magic is welcome and appreciated. Anyone know the Indian god of fertility? does he take bookings? Is he free next week?


  1. I will do a magic emby dance for you. Pram loads of good vibes heading your way. If your little tackers were in Syd, they wouldn't need socks, rather an icepack to keep them cool. I can tell you this oven is definately on rapid heat and needs a good bun to bake...

    Remember glass is half full...

  2. wishing you the best of luck. I always am amazed at how many eggs you need to get just one decent embryo. Crossing my fingers and toes for your 3 little guys and for a smooth transfer.
    Hang in there...

  3. Three is great... from what I've heard :) I won't have any numbers to share until early March (the wait is excruciating)... remember : quality not quantity :)) Love the photo of the 3 little sock... the thought of our little bubs resting in the freezer is an odd one. Great that you get an update from the lab each day xo

  4. Sending you tons of good luck vibes for awesome embryos!

  5. Three is wonderful! I have everything crossed that your little embies will grow like weeds! Sending you good thoughts and vibes...

  6. Three is good! First round of IVF I had the SAME numbers as yours. 7 eggs, 2 immature, 4 fertilised, 1 perfect 8 cell transferred and froze 2 blasties. Unfortunately the final results didn't happen BUT I do honestly believe this is because of the transfer itself rather than what was produced. They are good numbers congrats!!!