Sunday, February 20, 2011

Healthy Living

The above picture shows my gardener guy's efforts. He's not called gardener guy for nothing! these are just a small selection of the treats he has been growing for us. Why are you writing about this you may ask? have you given up on baby making and are you turning this into a healthy food blog? Well no........ but this is our new direction. After yesterdays devastating news, we woke up this morning sadder than ever, and that's when I decided something had to change.

To begin with, it's not like we were mega unhealthy people, of course we ate plenty of veges, and generally not terrible eating habits. Although we enjoyed pizza, unhealthy sugary fruit juice, chippies, chocolate. So that's all gone. We went to the supermarket this morning and completely re changed our whole style of shopping. drastically! We brought fruit, all lean meat, salmon, fish, brown bread, nuts, hummus, fruit & veg juice and of course we didn't need to buy veges as we have them all in our own garden. This is pretty huge for us, I have never committed to eating really amazingly healthy, yes I've been through fazes, and really we weren't all that bad to begin with, but I've never felt this strongly as I do with this. I guess after yesterday, I just woke up today thinking I had 2 options, to stay in bed, being sad, going over what if this, what if that, feeling sorry for myself, or get the hell out of bed and do something positive. And something inside of me made me get up, go outside and say to my husband "how do you feel about changing everything", his reply was the best possible answer, "Ill do whatever it takes, Ill do whatever it takes to make you happy". perfect.

Once we got shopping, we both got really into it, and I think this will be great. Not only will it make us both so healthy, and get my body ready for the April IVF, but I think it will really start to improve our state of mind. I'm not one of those really weird kooky health type people that we all snare at, but maybe they aren't so weird after all. I think they have really got something good going on. Fruit, veges and good eating = yes, turning into a creepy, unshaven legs, unshaven under arms, no deodorant wearing naturalist who lies around in the the back garden chanting and drinking spirilina = no. We will find a healthy medium. 

We are still beyond upset, we wish today was different, and I wish I didn't have to force myself to get out of bed. But that's the way it is, It cant be changed, I cant let sadness over come me, I cant fall back into a black hole. I need to do things that make me feel better, like this new eating craze, more research on alternative medicine, getting started with acupuncture, continue writing. My life will continue to revolve around getting pregnant, just this time around it will be a much more positive, healthy, happy approach. Any bad vibes, negative energy, cakes and pies should be left at the door please.


  1. Good on you for turning this into something positive - you're amazing and an inspiration :))... and such a supportive comment from your husband. His veggies look fantastic. Thinking of you with all my heart xoxo

  2. Beautiful vegetables! M and I started our garden today. I hope we can reap something like that eventually.
    Good luck with the new eating plan.
    I'm so sorry about your results. I curious what your thoughts are about alternative medicine. I think I'll be looking into it to if I get a negative next week.
    Keep strong!

  3. those vegetables are so beautiful! Amazing!!! Makes me hungry too!!! Love the way you turned this into such life changing event! Please shave your armpits though. I always thought that was so gross!!! I love hippies though.

  4. Good for you for turning a negative into a positive by working on a healthier and happier mind/body! I'm sorry it was bad news this time. I feel sure that your determination and positive attitude will get you to your treasure! I'm impressed with gardener guy's abilities... nothing like fresh fruit and veggies! Hang in there!

  5. Good for you! I'm munching on carrots as I read this...we're on the right track!

  6. It takes a strong person who gets knocked down that can bounce back and look ahead! Good luck with your new healthly outlook!

  7. You're so inspirational! Good luck with this new healthy chapter!!!