Saturday, February 5, 2011

Loving in the Petri Dish. Egg Retrieval, Done.

Egg retrieval was done this morning. And I'm now at home resting. It all went well and we got 7 eggs. The doctor was really really pleased with that, normally the magic number he likes to get is 6, so we got 1 better! As i had said in my previous post, that i had 9 follicles, well 2 of them didn't have an egg in them. But that was to be expected. So great news. 

We arrived at the clinic at 9am and we got taken into a consult room with the scientist who went over how the next few days were going to go with the eggs and sperms and development, we got up to speed on all of this then My Gardner guy was taken away by the scientist to go and give his sample. He had packed his laptop and earphones, as he decided to watch some porn while doing the deed, as their magazine selection is a bit rubbish! Ha Ha....... Something had to get him in the mood! I said to him this morning "for god sake's make sure the ear phone's don't come out, then the whole clinic will hear what your watching"!. If your a man and in this situation, it's not easy. Poor lad. 

While he was giving his sample I was taken to my cubicle and got into my gown and before you know it My Gardener guy came back (must have been some good porn!) sorry, getting carried away, no more talk about porn. I was then injected in my arm so they could feed the drugs in, when I went into surgery. We then waited....... I got nervous.

When we went into surgery were there were 2 nurses, my doctor and the scientist. I was hooked up to a couple of weird looking machines and had these tubes put in my nose that gave me oxygen which felt really strange. My Gardener guy sat in the doctors chair and the nurses told him to move, unless he was performing the surgery, It made light of the situation a bit, as did the fact that my nails were painted the same colour as the scientist scrubs, I joked that I tried to colour co-ordinate with him for the occasion. When you legs are hoisted up in stirrups and you have everyone looking at your bits, a bit of comical relief is much in need. So i was then given the lovely drugs, which instantly took effect and made me drowsy and basically like I had smoked a big fat joint. ahhhh bliss!

It was all over fairly quickly with only a bit of pain, I was then taken back into recovery where I just wanted to sleep, we were given tea and biscuits and sat in there for about and hour and a half. My blood pressure was too low so I had to drink more and the nurse checked it a few more time's and then we were all good to go home.

I have a bit of bleeding (which is normal) and bleed I quite alot in surgery, My Gardner guy told me that the he saw quite alot of blood while we were in there, I'm oblivious to it all, again poor lad for seeing all that. I was then given vaginal pessaries which I use 3 times a day, till my results and then if I'm pregnant I continue to use these for a while. How charming.

Now we just wait, the scientist is going to ring tomorrow and tell us how many eggs were fertilized by the sperm and how they are progressing at dividing into cells. It's funny because about 50,000 sperm are put into a petri dish with 1 egg, and still the idiots can have trouble, It's the egg, It's picky about what sperm it will let in, Kind of like picking a man I guess. There is a whole lot of men out there, most of them are dud's, and there is only one right one, let the egg be picky, It's only to be expected, it did come from me after all. I don't want no half grade loser sperm in my egg, I want a sperm that will pick up his laundry and cook dinner thanks.

I really hope that magic happens over night in those 7 little dishes, with my 7 little eggs and Gardener guys feisty sperm. Let's hope a love affair is created and the egg and sperm become one. 


  1. Oh how exciting! 7 eggs - wonderful! You were cracking up at all the porn talk... I have everything crossed that there will be 7 magical moments... So excited for you!

  2. Very exciting news! Hoping all works out and you get great news!!

  3. Wow, great news! You are almost there! Fingers crossed for the report!

  4. Congrats on your retrieval Clewis! I'm glad to hear that everything went well! Can't wait to hear about your fert report!!!

  5. Fantastic... 7 eggs - great :)) What a relief to have it all done... one step closer :)) xo

  6. Laughing about the sperm that does laundry but totally in support! Hope you get a great report!

  7. Brilliant news of the retrieval. At least all these processes might prepare Gardener Guy for the actual birth of your bub..! Looks like it's becoming more real every day.. Xo