Monday, February 7, 2011

Transfer is on! away you go 4 cell embryo.

The Picture above shows a 4 cell embryo, Just like our one that we are going to get transferred tomorrow. Can you believe it! I certainly cant. Doesn't much resemble how I vision the first picture of our baby, but I'm sure it will get cutier, and more human like.

The scientist rang again this morning and the progress report is as follows. Over night the 3 fertilized eggs developed into 3 strong embryos. We have 2 four cell embryos and 1 five cell embryo. They are all really good apparently.They are going to transfer a four cell embryo into me tomorrow, the reason behind this is they feel it's at a good strong quality now, so why risk leaving it out of the body longer. They will then keep the other 2 in the lab and hope they develop to the blastocyst stage and then freeze them! I will be absolutely delighted if both the remaining ones are good enough to freeze. That takes a huge strain off us if this fresh transfer fails. We then have our 2 frozens to fall back on. And transfer for a frozen is way cheaper!!! So the stress isn't over yet, we all still have to pray the 2 leftover ones keep strong!.

Transfer is scheduled for 10.45am, we have to be at the clinic at 10.15am. I have been instructed to go to the toilet at 9.30am then that's it, drink over a litre of water and no more emptying the bladder, talk about uncomfortable! Its uncomfortable enough them prodding round up there, but with a full bladder, now that's hard. Hope I don't accidentally pee on them, That would sure make them work for their wages. "today i got peeded on, does that deserve a bonus"?. 

I'm so excited and really nervous at the same time, I cant believe it's happening! I try to shut myself off and not think too much about it, as I'm not too sure how i'll cope with another failure. I spoke to my favourite nurse this morning and told her how scared I was feeling, she told me I was doing really well considering I've already had 3 unsuccessful IUI's, she said I'm coping well with the emotional stress and to try and think positive. I have also decided that if it fails I will use my free counselling session, I will damn well need it. perhaps that will help me pick the pieces up. If it fails I'm also keen to start a frozen embryo transfer asap, although my body is doing all sorts of weird things and has been so pumped full of drugs lately, I'm still keen to battle on and get the frozen one started. But let's stop all that talk, It may work, there is more chance of success than failure.But sorry I just cant get too carried away yet, I have to look after my heart. I don't want it broken more than necessary.

On other news's I'm still battling with the pessaries, I just don't like them. They are creepy, messy and freak me out. Especially last night, after I had inserted the 2 night ones, I made the mistake of going to the toilet too soon after and one of the casings that the progesterone is in came out. Yuck. My Gardener Guy kept telling me "shove some more up there", I don't want my lining to be too damn thick, the embryo will suffocate. But upon speaking to the nurse all is fine and dandy. I am going to the movies with a friend Saturday, Ill have to take the damn things with me, could I stand up and say "excuse me everyone, can we pause the movie while I go and stick 2 tablets up my fanny"?, that's is neither appropriate nor attractive. Can you and your creepy vaginal pills please leave the premises. I can see this is going to be a constant source of entertainment for me and my equally creepy friends. 

Just to creep everyone out more, I'm terribly constipated! I hear this is a side effect of all the drugs. It's not too nice, I hope it sorts itself out soon, I'm literally backed up to the hilt. I fear my honestly may have gone a step too far lets just never discuss that again.

By tomorrow afternoon our wee embryo will be settled into it's new home, hopefully enjoying all the comforts my uterus has to offer. If it does decide not to stick around, perhaps I need to think about upgrading the facilities, If it does decide to stick around, I promise ill make it the best place it has ever been, and when he/she joins the world, I will continue to make their life the best I can, full of love, laughter and a great story to tell he/she when it's older.


  1. Good luck tomorrow. Sounds like we have had similar journey this time. Today I transferred a 4 cell and a 3 cell. As for the constipation, I have been eating at least 1 maybe 2 Fiber One bars a day. Helping a lot!!

  2. Oh how exciting! I was pretty constipated after my retrieval too - definitely up thr fiber! Good luck with the transfer!!!

  3. Good luck with the transfer tomorrow!
    I am just a couple days behind you - my retrieval was yesterday.

    I hope your little one is sticky!

  4. Yay!Best of luck for transfer and fingers crossed your other embies keep going strong!xo

  5. This is so exciting! Wishing you all the best with the transfer! And here's to hoping those other two embies making to blasts and get frozen for use at a later date. Good luck!!!

  6. I'm literally laughing out loud at you right now, you silly girl! I love all of the words you use...they are too cute! Good luck with the transfer...come on little guy...stick stick stick!!!