Monday, February 28, 2011

The old fashioned way

Some old fashioned ways and things tend to be better. Good old fashioned baking and cooking cant really be beat, old fashioned values of the man treating a woman like an actual woman, opening the door for her, taking her to a nice restaurant and not expecting anymore than a peck on the cheek.These days people just buy crappy fast and convenient processed food and some men's idea of a date is meeting a woman at a bar, getting wasted and taking her home for a quick shag on his dirty old sofa. I'm not claiming I'm not guilty of either of these things, (I have spend some time on dirty old sofas doing less than desirable things, then downing a greasy BK Burger),  but I think sometimes the old way is better than the new way. Where am I actually going with all of this? well we are having to do it the old fashioned way till our next IVF cycle, and I must say, where baby making is concerned, the old way is just not working for us.

Till our 2nd IVF cycle in April, the old fashioned way it will be. Obviously doing it the old fashioned way hasn't exactly been a rip roaring success, and it's actually unlikely It will be, but another month is always another try, and I've never been one to miss a perfectly good opportunity, however unlikely it may be. This coming week will be the right time to conceive, I will pull out the good old ovulation kits from the cabinet, dust them off and get my groove on. Lately I'm so used to everyone else being in control of my situation, someone else made me ovulate, someone else put gardener guys sperm inside me, and then of course with IVF someone else took out my eggs, made a baby in the lab and put it back inside me. No sex involved, unless you count my gardener guy's ever growing relationship with his hand to produce his sperm sample. Hmmmmm.....Lovely.

So the typical scenario for us when trying to conceive naturally starts with me obsessing about ovulation, telling my husband it's time, trying hard for the couple of days we actually have a slim chance of it working, and then waiting again. Of course all the funny habits will probably resurface again, being me lying on the floor after the deed is done, legs in the air trying to do a head stand to get the little buggers up there. It's just such a bloody carry on. Oh yes trying to have a baby at the start is all fun and games but after a while, mark my words it becomes the most stressful thing you will ever do, then add actual fertility treatments to it and you have yourself a recipe for a shit load of shit basically.

I don't think I'm going to obsess or be crazy this time, I've been there, done that enough, we will just try and see what happens, i think I've turned a bit of a corner and feel ok about waiting till April, and having the acupuncture and Chinese herbs helps, so old fashioned it will be. I know all those stories about people who did failed IVF's then got pregnant naturally and quite frankly anyone who tells stories like that to me is not helping, it's unlikely and those stories are just damn annoying. Speaking of annoying, today for the first time in a very long time I took the little boy I look after to a music group, so it was filled with mums, babies and all the annoying talk that comes out of there annoying mouths, it was all ok, till I sat down on a couch and turned to my side and there were 2 very pregnant ladies having a good old chat about all their pregnancy bullshit. Seriously I think sometimes pregnant woman have some kind of sensor and they spend their days trying to track me down. Really I just wanted to smack them in the face. Fat cows.

Old fashioned ways have come a long way, luckily living in this modern era has opened up a whole new way of doing things, a whole new way of helping people with all sorts of problems. New technology and science is amazing and I'm thankful it is around to help us out, but at the end of the day nothing beats a good old fashioned kiss and cuddle, that is something that is not going to happen in the lab, so I think ill take a few of the old fashioned ways, and mix them in with a few of the new ways and that will be our recipe to make a perfect little baby, that will grow into a man who will open the door for a woman, or a woman who will bake an amazing loaf of bread. The old fashioned way.


  1. Good luck... try having fun doing it :) But I agree, IF takes all the fun out of it sometimes :(( xo

  2. I love your post about doing things the "old fashioned way." Don't you wish we could all get pregnant this way?

    Best of luck to you and your hubby, and if nothing else, hopefully you can enjoy each other and doing things the old fashioned way : )

  3. just NEVER know! Why let a few months slip on by without even have to at least give it a good old fashioned try! Your post was very cute btw! Have fun doing things the "old fashioned way" this month!!

  4. Love this post! (almost fell off my chair with the "fat cow" part. You summed it up nicely!)

    While I was reading this I just kept thinking about the twisted way we are all going to have to explain "the birds and the bees" to our children.

    (Stupid infertility!)

  5. This is great - you're so funny! Ah yes, the old-fashioned way. Occasionally between treatment cycles we go back to the old fashioned way, and it's almost weird! We all fall right back into those cycles, and it's such a joy, isn't it? Good luck!

  6. fat cows I tell you!!! lol
    old fashioned is so difficult now for me!!! Trying to have sex and being romantic..please!!! I need to write about this!!! Well... if this helps,, men are visual so have fun shopping at Victoria's secret! It is worth it!!!

    I agree...pregnant ladies are a magnet for us!