Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flaming Fanny

Oh dear, Is this going too far? Am I being too open now? don't read any further if your not fully prepared to hear about the horrible, disgusting things that IVF brings. Actually you should read on, this is what we infertile woman have to deal with so please do read on.

Flaming Fanny seemed slightly, and only a little slightly more lady like as the post name, than say flaming pussy, which is what the picture depicts. But you get the drift, different name, same body part. And yes it's flaming! This brings me back to those damn pessaries, these are the culprits, they have started to make my lady parts very irritated, burning, want to crouch over a bucket of ice cold water, scratch it to death feeling! horrible right.

So I called the clinic to ask if this was normal as I was worried I had picked up some kind of flesh eating disease that might eat my embryo know, perfectly normal kind of stable thoughts. The nurse assured me this is very normal and it's to be expected, and to try and sit in a bath of cool salt water for 20 minutes, so I might have to give this a whirl tonight. Brilliant isn't it, just another horrific thing to deal with.... I told you these pessaries were going to give me grief, I tell you, when I'm finished with them, ill want to destroy the damn things, but at the moment they are going to have to stay with me. Bugger.

After yesterday's post that left everyone feeling a bit sad and glum, especially myself and my Gardener Guy, I want to leave that behind us, after all we cant change what happened, and we still have this special one left, So lets look on to the future, my day of being sad is behind me.My In laws are coming back over here to New Zealand from the UK for Christmas this year, and hopefully for the birth of our baby, we like to think we will be having a baby for them to meet either end of this year or early next year, there's that good old positivity. We will also do another round if need be, we will get there and manage. there's no stopping us.

Oh my goodness, the thought of more injections, more bruising, more headaches, more bad moods, more bloating, another egg retrieval, another full bladder embryo transfer, more tears, more stress of waiting, more bad news, well that's just an awful thought, but Ill do it all over again if  I have too, Ill do anything to get a baby, even if it does mean getting a flaming fanny all over again! ouch.... can someone hand me a fire extinguisher?


  1. Sorry your clacka is on fire! Lets hope its keeping the oven nice and warm for the emby! Glad to hear you sound a little more positive too. That bubba needs you to believe in it too and relax (oh I hate that word)

  2. Bloody side-effects... sounds awful :(... but great to hear you're feeling more positive and imagining your little one with you at the end of the year :)) We're all a determined lot and will encourage each other on through the downs then revel in our ups together xo

  3. Oh nooo!I'm glad you posted this as no one has told me yet about flaming fanny-itis from the pessaries!Hope the cold bath helps!
    Glad to see you're feeling a bit better today and positive, it's hard not to think ahead and about all of the 'what ifs', but it's nice to get those thoughts out of the way and start feeling good about things again. :) xo
    The picture cracked me up by the way-where on earth did you find that?!

  4. has got so so sore!!! the cold salt bath only provided temporary relief. might have to ring nurse again tomorrow. ouch. off to bed

  5. oh no!! Can they change you to progesterone shots? Those shots kind of suck too, but I would take over burning any day,
    hang in there.

  6. Hey clewis, thanks for the comment about the pictures-I have used google images for a few of mine too-and yes there have been some interesting searches typed in by me also-'cute uterus' is one that springs to mind!hehe
    Hope the nurses have some more suggestions for you-sounds very ouch!

  7. for god sake!!! what the!! No one has ever talked about this!! That is just not fair!! I am glad the yogurt is helping. You poor thing!! I am day you and your husband will be laughing about this( not today or tomorrow) but one day!! I am glad you are in better spirits! :)