Friday, February 25, 2011

Your unknown courage

I really like this quote "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage". It gets you thinking, does this mean the more courageous you are the more your life will expand? I have been so courageous going through fertility treatment after fertility treatment and yet my life hasn't really expanded. I haven't got my baby yet, so how can my life have expanded because of my courageousness right? well no, not true, had I not been through all this and been so courageous to keep going I would have never realised how strong I can be, I would have never discovered how hard things can really become and how good it feels to battle and keep going despite the odds, I would have never realised the amount of love and support that was right under my nose, but hadn't had a reason to pop out until this. So I believe this quote to be true, you just need to search a bit deeper to get your own meaning out of it, don't lose courage, don't let your life shrink, the more courage you have, the more your life expands. 

This last week has been damn hard, and I mean hard, it has kicked me in the arse, I have used humour in my posts as a way to brighten everyone up and also for myself, so we can all see the funnier side of this shit, but there's  no denying its hard, but its ok, because if we keep that courage up, keep it going strong, our life will expand far more than we can ever have imagined, it will expand in ways you don't even realise it, And I know it often feels like your life is shrinking, trust me on Saturday when I got that negative result I felt like my life had shrunk to the size of a pea, but the more courage i gained and slowly started to feel strong enough to get back up and keep going, just like that my life expanded again, that pea grew into a giant cabbage, or something like that, (I do live with a gardener don't forget).

Find ways to let your courage grow, finds ways to prove to yourself how strong you can really be, you have the power to change your life, and one day when you have your precious baby and are feeling so happy and blessed and living a life as a mother, perhaps you can pass that courage you gained onto someone else who so desperately needs it, and show them how to expand their life. Just the same way you did. It wont always be hard, It will one day be easy. Easy, happy, fun, chaotic, busy, full of life, and of course that little drop of courage in the background keeping life all held together.

* Ps: Could all this sudden surge of advice be a result of my acupuncture and Chinese herbs? has it changed my mind, body and spirit already? Have I turned into an inspirational life giving speaker that people will travel from far and wide to hear? clearly I have no qualifications to be giving such advice, but what the hell, we all should pretend we are someone to be listened too, shouldn't we? just once in our lives.


  1. Great quote :) Love your courage... and the idea that one day you'll be able to hand it onto someone who needs it. You're a courageous woman and you're life will expand... it's just taking a little longer - I keep thinking the waiting will help me cherish the happy times even more xoxo

  2. I love that quote and I hope it gives us all the pick-me-up you have experienced lately. Infertility really is a rollercoaster. I never knew pea could grow into cabbage, interesting....jk

  3. What a great post! We can all learn a lot of lessons from this infertility struggle, if only we open our minds and hearts. I admire that you've done this - thanks!

  4. you are my healer!! you are my inspirational speaker! yes you are!!! I am so sorry it has been tough this week!