Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egg Retrieval date set!

 The eggs are cooked, We are ready for retrieval! I had my second scan this morning and everything is good, I will do the trigger injection tonight and egg retrieval will be on Saturday! Yah. no more Puregon or Orgalutron. So that very creepy looking picture will be me on Saturday (cycle day 12).

For those of you who are about to undergo IVF for this first time or for family and friends that are reading this, this is how it will play out on Saturday. We are due in at the clinic at 9.15am, My Gardener Guy will give his sample then (He's an expert at performing at the clinic, after 3 IUI's - going into a clinical room to jerk off doesn't even seem weird anymore!), I am to take 3 Panadol at 9am, Then the procedure will be done at 10am. I will be given a local anesthetic and a sedative and away they go. My Gardner Guy will be in the room with me, so he gets to see all the excitement as the eggs are removed, as for me I'll likely be to drugged up to know what is happening. I then go into recovery for an hour or so, and that is it! All done. Then the magic of making a baby outside the human body begins! 
If we count 6 days from Saturday (egg retrieval), Its likely Embryo Transfer will be the 11th Feb, As my doctor has high hopes of my embryos making it to the optimum Blastocyst stage, they should be in the lab for 6 days. It's rather ironic and extra special if the Embryo Transfer takes place on the 11th February, as that is the date of my cousin's birthday, (he passed away last year). On the date of his birth, my little embryo may attach itself to my lining and become part of our family. I just thought it was a really nice way to remember him, on his birthday was the day our embryo was implanted.It makes it an extra lucky day for us.I'll be thinking of my cousin and he should be there in spirit with us.

So I really really hope it all goes well and pray that it all goes as it should in the Laboratory, It's just so nerve racking, I really don't want anymore lows, I'm feeling so good and positive today I just don't want to hit the bottom again, I've been there and I really don't like it. there's really nothing more to be said, we just have to let nature take it's course, Me and my Gardener Guy have done all we can. What will be will be.


  1. How exciting! That's neat that your husband gets to be in the room with you!! Good luck....sending you lots and lots of good egg vibes!!

  2. Wonderful news :) What a special day to have your embryo transfer. Stay positive... good luck Sat :)) xo

  3. Best of luck for Saturday! Did you google egg collection to find that picture!?hehe
    You're so right about what will be will be, you've done all you can and sounds like it's all going great so far so fingers crossed for great fertilisation results too!xo

  4. Hi,

    Good luck!! I really enjoy reading your posts, you always manage to make a person smile. All my thougths and hopes are with you guys.

    Good luck

  5. Good luck! You will be fine!,

  6. What wonderful news - good luck on Saturday!!!

  7. So exciting!!! Wishing you all the best!

  8. What a special time and I feel so blessed to be kind of part of it:)
    You are just moving along!:) it is even more meaningful
    With your cousin's memories:) wow!!! Two more days!! It is just so amazing